Targeted Ads For Your Renaissance Wares

Over 140 renaissance faires are held annually across the United States with over 4.5 million attendees. Each festival can attract from 500 to over 600,000 attendees each year.

Faires offer people unique experiences such as medieval stage performances, food, mechanical and animal rides, jousting, sword fighting, unique vendors, and more.

Festival patrons are interested in all things medieval. They tend to enjoy costuming, collecting, and often role playing. Most faire goers are 18-54 years of age with income levels ranging from $20,000 to $74,000. Many own and are looking to purchase costumes, jewelry, costume accessories, armor, daggers and swords, and medieval books, games or music.

Renaissance Life is a reservoir of information for all things renaissance and medeival. Our mobile application and accompanying website allow renaissance goers to check the most up-to-date information on their favorite festivals, find new festivals, check out photos, and more! Advertising on Renaissance Life gives you the opportunity to very narrowly target this audience and increase your sales and brand awareness with unobtrusive ads on our platform at very affordable prices.


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